Hi! My name is Percy (or Cell)! You may know me online as @thetechnicolorphase! I like to draw and post about my interests from time to time! I also write stories, and I want to make those projects a reality some day! I hope to meet a bunch of cool people and get to show off my stuff! I also am, in fact, a real life sea slug.

Welcome to my Neocities! Been wanting to make one for a while, even if coding is a little intimidating to me. I love customization and I love talking about stuff I like so thank you for taking the time to look at my site! Please be patient, it's all a really big WIP right now!

This site mobile-friendly... kind of! things may not be 100% perfect but everything that's "finished" so far is mobile friendly so, feel free to take a look! However I highly reccomend you look at it on desktop for a better experience.


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